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See what you can do with RNBO. Browse articles, templates, starting points, packages, and examples.

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RNBO comes with a number of supplementary packages, examples, and templates that can help and inspire projects within both a RNBO patcher and an external target.


The RNBO Guitar Pedals and Synth Building Blocks packages are a collection of RNBO patches and abstractions that show how RNBO can reproduce various pieces of hardware—a wah-wah pedal or a eurorack oscillator, for instance. These packages come with pre-built examples that can be directly compiled and exported to any of RNBO's external targets.

To get started using these packages, some helpful overviews are provided under the Packages section.

Templates and Starters

If you have a RNBO patch and need some guidance or inspiration on how to get started with using exported code in the context of a framework like JUCE or Node, check out the Templates section, which features an overview of The C++ template project and The JavaScript Webpage Template. The C++ template provides a good starting point for developing VSTs and standalone applications using exported RNBO code with the JUCE framework. Likewise, the JavaScript template can be used to get started using RNBO code with Node in th context of a dynamic web app.

Additionally, two starter projects exist under the Starters section, which contain included RNBO patch examples pre-exported to work in higher level environments like SuperCollider and VCV Rack. These projects are less so blueprints as they are examples for possible RNBO integrations, and might require further configurations to work with your RNBO patch.


Under Examples you'll be able to find additional examples of some simple audio tools patched in RNBO. Download links are available for the patches on each page.