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RNBO Guitar Pedals

A collection of classic guitar pedal effects made with RNBO.


The RNBO Guitar Pedals package is a collection of 30 essential rnbo~ patches developed by Manuel Poletti. Whether you want to learn about patching approaches or for throwing together a pedalboard in Live or on your Raspberry Pi, the package is a great starting place for exploring what's possible in RNBO.

What's Included?

So far the package is made up of 30 ready to use pedal patches that cover most of the classic effects you would find in a typical guitar pedal rack, each with accompanying Max externals and amxd devices.

All example patches are interactive and feature MIDI CC mapping, sample audio input, and a range of presets for quick auditioning. They also provide detailed descriptions of the emulated effects and the DSP processes that are used to create them.

The pedals are, by category:

  • Delay/Reverb: FilterDelay, PlateReverb, ShimmeRev;
  • Dynamics: Booster, Compressor, Limiter, NoiseGate, Overdrive;
  • EQ: GraphicEQ, ParamEQ, ShelvingEQ;
  • Filtering: AutoFilter, TalkWah, WahWah;
  • Modulation: Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, RotaVibe, Tremolo, Vibrato;
  • Pitch/Synth: GuitarSynth, Octaver, PitchShifter;
  • Sampling: Freezer, Looper;
  • Special: FreqShifter, RingMod;
  • Utility: Tuner;
  • Volume: AutoSwell, Volume.

Also included is a high-level example patch for creating a pedalboard in Max to explore different pedal chains.


The RNBO Guitar Pedals package is dedicated in memory of Darwin Grosse. This work would not have been possible without his encouragement, support, vision and insight.