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JavaScript Webpage Template

Use RNBO to build a single page web application.

RNBO comes with a number of GitHub Template Repositories to help you get started with integrating your exported RNBO code into popular frameworks such as JUCE and Node. Template repositories act as very simple blueprints to easily get you up and running with these frameworks without having to design your own software stack from scratch.

The JavaScript Webpage Template allows you to use your exported RNBO device in a Node.js web framework. Whereas using RNBO's exported JavaScript code in the context of a static website can be useful for simple web pages and testing, using a RNBO device along with Node will allow you to utilize server-side functionality to produce more dynamic web pages. With Node, you can also make use of npm—the Node package manager—to integrate third-party packages with your RNBO device.

To get started with using the JavaScript webpage template, follow the instructions in Using the Web Page Template. The template will automatically create UI elements on your web page that correspond to your RNBO device's parameters, presets, inports, and outports. It will also provide an interface test MIDI I/O.

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