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VCV Rack Starter

An example of using RNBO exports in VCV Rack plugins

RNBO Starter Repositories are GitHub repositories that demonstrate the use of RNBO devices in higher level software frameworks. Starter repositories differ a bit from Template Repositories in that they moreso resemble examples and usecases for exported RNBO devices rather than blueprints to help you start streamlining your own work flow.

The VCV Rack starter is a small example repository that demonstrates the use of a provided RNBO device as a VCV Rack module. VCV Rack is a software environment that emulates eurorack modular synthesis. Since VCV Rack is free and open source, a number of real-world eurorack modules are available as VCV Rack modules. VCV Rack modules are also written in C++, which makes it a great fit for RNBO exports.

You can clone the RNBO VCV Rack Export Example from the Cycling '74 GitHub and try out the example by following the README file available in the repository. The example takes the patch example/crunch.maxpat and turns it into the VCV module example/crunch.vcv.