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Getting Started

Welcome to RNBO


RNBO Basics

Key Differences

Why We Made RNBO


Audio IO

Messages to rnbo~

Using Parameters


Messages and Ports

Polyphony and Voice Control

Audio Files in RNBO

Using Buffers

Using the FFT

Export Targets

Export Targets Overview

Max External Target
Raspberry Pi Target
The Web Export Target
The C++ Source Code Target

Code Export

Working with JavaScript
Working with C++

Special Topics

Sample Accurate Patching
Scala and Custom Tuning

RNBO and Max for Live

RNBO Raspberry Pi OSCQuery Runner

Raspberry Pi Debug Interface


Export Description

Raspberry Pi GPIO

Updating the RNBO Package

Updating the RNBO Package

Keeping RNBO up to date with the Package Manager.

RNBO is bundled with Max, and you shouldn't ever need to install the package from scratch. However, the RNBO Package, like all Max packages, is available in the Max Package Manager. RNBO should prompt you to update the package when an update is available, but you can also use the Package Manager to update the package manually.

Staying Up to Date and Installing Other Versions

From the RNBO Package page, you should see a prominent display to update your RNBO package, if an update is available.


Even if you're on the latest version, you can use the "Show All Available Versions" button to see previous versions of RNBO, or (if you're a beta tester) versions from branch builds.


Stable builds appear by default. If you want to see builds from another branch, click on the drop down menu and pick another branch.