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Welcome to RNBO

Export the work you do in Max

Max (as you may know) is a visual programming environment used to create interactive software, developed by Cycling ‘74 for over 20+ years. With our latest release, the RNBO add-on for Max, you can now take your creative work out of Max and into the world. With optimized output for various software and hardware targets, RNBO brings your creative vision to interactive installations and professional products.

What is RNBO?

With RNBO, you can deploy your unique creative vision to hardware and software targets like Raspberry Pi, VST and Audio Unit plugins. You can also export to C++ and JavaScript code for use in custom desktop applications and Web Audio contexts. Explore, prototype, and design in Max, then share your work online, or deploy your patch to standalone hardware.

Most RNBO objects are designed to work the same as their Max counterparts. So if you're familiar with Max, you already know RNBO. Gen also works inside of RNBO, which means you can now embed your Gen work in a RNBO patcher and export it from Max. Other RNBO features include sample accurate events, host transport sync, MPE & MIDI support, automatic polyphony, and Ableton Link support. 

Made with RNBO

Projects that have already been made with RNBO include the Learning Synths website by Ableton, where RNBO and Web Audio come together to create an intuitive introduction to synthesis. We also have Max packages (available in the Package Manager) that use RNBO: a suite of classic guitar pedals, and high-level synthesizer building blocks. All are ready to be exported to web audio, VST/Audio Unit, Raspberry Pi hardware, or C++ source code.

RNBO opens the door to creative expression outside of Max. For decades, the Max community has developed new and experimental forms of art and music with Max. RNBO helps get that work out of Max and into other contexts, including installations, hardware products, and websites.