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Max External Target Overview

The Max External Target allows you to export your rnbo~ patcher as a Max external object to be loaded and configured just as any other object in a Max patcher.

RNBO allows you to create your own Max objects - known as Max Externals - that you can export, share and reuse. Previously, to create a Max External you would need to code in the C language using the Max SDK. But now, without needing to write a single line of code - RNBO allows you to export any RNBO patcher as a Max External as one of the available Export Targets.

What's Supported?

RNBO can export export your rnbo~ patcher as a Max external object for use in Max on Mac, Windows or both. You can build for either platform, regardless of the platform you are working from. Your external can process or generate MIDI, audio, work with buffers and you can optionally expose the external to the MC wrapper for multichannel capability.