Learn Using Bluetooth MIDI on the Raspberry Pi Target

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Using Bluetooth MIDI on the Raspberry Pi Target

Steps to configure your bluetooth midi device settings on the Raspberry Pi target for use with RNBO. Keep the cables in Max - and not all over the desk.

There are several wireless MIDI devices available that you can use with RNBO on the Raspberry Pi. This article uses the Korg NanoKontrol studio 1 to demonstrate the steps to configure bluetooth MIDI.

  1. ssh into your RPi using Terminal or PuTTY
$ ssh pi@c74rpi.local

2. use bluetoothctl to discover your BT MIDI device

pi@c74rpi:~ $ bluetoothctl

3. Turn on your bluetooth MIDI device and enable discovery mode. Note: for the Korg, this is just pushing the switch all the way right

4. Turn on the bluetooth agent, if not already enabled

[bluetooth]# agent on

5. Scan for devices

[bluetooth]# scan on
Discovery started
[CHG] Controller DC:A6:26:4B:D3:52 Discovering: yes
[NEW] Device 48:EB:62:DA:CD:C4 nanoKEY Studio

6. Take note of the MAC address of your device, then just use the pair command to pair with it:

[bluetooth]# pair 48:EB:62:DA:CD:C4
Request authorization
[agent] Accept pairing (yes/no):

7. type yes - then use the trust command to automatically pair the device whenever they’re in range together

[nanoKEY Studio]# trust 48:EB:62:DA:CD:C4